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Shirley Cullum

Newton County Burials - Cemetery Unknown

Ainsworth Cemetery
Allen Cemetery
Barker Cemetery
Baynham Cemetery
Belfast Cemetery
Benintendi Family Cemetery
Berwick Cemetery
Black Fox Cemetery
aka Van Buren Union Cemetery
Boaz Cemetery
Boehning Cemetery
Boone/Bryan Cemetery
Bowers Cemetery
Boyd Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Burkhart Cemetery
Burson/Burrison Cemetery
Transcriptions 1 - 2 - 3
Buzzard Cemetery
Carver Cemetery
Casteel Cemetery
Cedar Creek Cemetery
Christopher Cemetery
Clear Creek Cemetery
Cole Cemetery
Cook Cemetery
County Poor Farm Cemetery
Crouch Cemetery
Culp Cemetery
Diamond Cemetery
Dice Cemetery
Dunegan Cemetery
Elliott Cemetery
Elm Springs Cemetery
Farney Cemetery
Gallemore Cemetery
German Cemetery
Gibson Cemetery
Granby IOOF Cemetery
Granby Memorial Cemetery
Gravest Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
Hale Cemetery
Hazelgreen Cemetery
Hazelwood Cemetery
Hornet Cemetery
Humphrey Cemetery
Hutchison Cemetery
Ivie Cemetery
Jackson Cemetery
aka Beef Branch Cemetery
Jasper Cemetery
Jessee Osborne Memorial Cemetery
Jolly Family Cemetery
Jones Chapel Cemetery
Kenney Cemetery
King-Kelly Cemetery
Kirk Cemetery
Loffland Cemetery
Macedonia Cemetery
Maness Cemetery - Additions
Mason Springs Cemetery
McConnell Cemetery
Morgan Cemetery
Moser Cemetery
Mound Chapel Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Neosho IOOF Cemetery
Neosho Memorial Cemetery
New Bethel Cemetery
New Salem Cemetery - Additional Information
Newton IOOF Cemetery
Nimmo Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
Old Newtonia (Civil War) Cemetery
Old Rural Martin Cemetery
Old Sherman Hughes Farm Cemetery
Parkway Cemetery
Pierce Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Powers Cemetery
Punkin Center Cemetery
Racine Cemetery
Ragan Cemetery
Ritchey Cemetery
Robertson Cemetery
Roseborough Cemetery
Saginaw Cemetery
St. Agnes Cemetery
St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery
Seneca Cemetery - Additional Burials
Shannon Cemetery
Simms Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Sparlin Cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery
Spring Valley Cemetery(off site link)
Swars Prairie Baptist Cemetery
Swars Prairie Church of Christ Cemetery
Thompson Grove Cemetery
(formerly Swars Prairie Methodist Cemetery)
Thrasher Cemetery
Van Buren Union Cemetery
aka: Black Fox Cemetery
Walker Cemetery
Wanda Cemetery
Weems Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Wilson Family Cemetery
Wormington Cemetery
Wright Cemetery

The county line between Newton and McDonald counties was moved north at one time then subsequently moved back to almost its original position. The town of Stella, which is in Newton County, was in McDonald County while the line was north of its origin. Therefore, in this cemetery listing are some cemeteries that are now in McDonald County.


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