1881 Directory of Rolla with Gazetteer and Business Directory of the New Southwest

Includes counties which were connected by the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway, in southeast MO, southeastern Kansas, the eastern portion of the Indian Country, and the southwest section of Arkansas. The book has entries for Ritchey, Granby, Neosho, Dayton, Seneca, and Venita.

transcribed and submitted by: Cathy Booth


City Officials:  James R. Ellis, Mayor
N.O. Tabor, W.W. Frazier, Charles E. Miller, W.A. Troxel, councilmen.
C.C. Hudson, city marshal
W.W. Hudson, city clerk
John Kingston, treasurer

Adkins & Bro., meat-market
Ball, C.C. boots and shoes
Brown, S.H., saloon
Boreff, J.K., groceries and provisions
Bascomb, barber
Cole, N.T., merchant
Dankhe & Spangle, groceries and provisions
Dille, D. L., proprietor American House
Davidson, J.W., blacksmith
Dille Ella, dressmaker
Ewing & Ellis, saloon
Edgington, T., groceries and provisions
Ewing & Vanier, livery and feed stable
Fishel M. & Co., general merchandise
George Dolph. W., saloon
Hall, W.A., wagon manufacturer and notary public
Heoms, J.C. furniture
Goodykoontz, J.F., agricultural implements, hardware, stoves, and queensware
Kestle & White, billiard saloon
Leathers W. P., eclectic physician
Miller, Charles E., billiard saloon
Mitchell, R. P., groceries and queensware
Miller, C. E. commercial hotel
Moore and Hudson, saloon
McDaniels, J. physician
McElhaney & Co. groceries
Mingers and Crane, groceries
Morton, J. T., groceries, provisions and queensware
Pressnell & Baker, general merchants
Robinson, John, groceries and provisions
Roberts, L.P., produce and provisions
Ramsey and Brown, boots and shoes
Renfrow, John, blacksmith and wagon shop
Rose, John, S., groceries and provisions
Rose, O. L., postmaster
Rose, O. L., dry goods, boots and shoes
Roach, J. T., boot and shoe maker and barber
Sweet, George, A. groceries and provisions
Sweet, W. G., groceries and queensware
Tappana, C. E., drugs and groceries
Tamblyn, White & Barlow, general hardware
Tabor, Mrs. R. L., boots, shoes and clothing
Tabor, Mrs. R. L., harness and saddlery
Verdon & Co., bakery and confectionery
Verdon & Co., groceries and provisions
Vaught, Miss Julia, dressmaker
Wood, H. physician and druggist
Whitlock, J. W., general merchant
Williams, M. D., groceries and meatmarket
Williams, M. D., wheat and livestock
Woolsey, Andrew, physician

Abbott H. C., restaurant
Abbott H. C., bakery and confectionery
Adams S. A. Mrs., dressmaking and notions
Alexander & Son, Neosho steel plow-works
Baker M. A., boot and shoe maker
Baurdick A. J., groceries and produce
Beer Leopold, liquors and cigars (wholesale)
Benton M. E., lawyer
Benham E. H., lawyer
Brim & Schulling, blacksmith
Bryant D.D., merchant tailor
Carnes & Hearrall, livery and feed stable
Carnes James, wagon manufacturer
Clark Ed., Neosho wagon-works
Cravens & Hubbert, attorneys at law
Crowdus & Noble, dry goods and notions
Curtis J.H., editor Miner and Mechanic
Dalton H. C., physician and surgeon
Earley W. W., harness shop
Edwards R. H., lawyer
Edwards E. H., judge Probate Court
Einstine Ben, books, stationery and drugs
Fisher C. A. Mrs., notions and fancy goods
Galbraith I. D. & Co., drugs
Gentry Jas., billiard saloon
Glemster G. W., shoemaker
Goldstein & Co. A.H., clothing
Goodykoontz H. W., hardware, stoves and tin ware
Gregory & Hinton, arigultural implements
Hawkins O.P., groceries, grain and live stock
Hawkins E. La. C., hardware
Henderson & Hill, Newton County land company
Herms J. H., groceries and queensware
Herms J. C. furniture
Jacobs Christian, barber saloon
Jarnagin & Loyd, attorneys at  law
Kirk D. H. & Co., farm-wagon manufactory
Knowles H. Mrs., dressmaking and millinery
Kerby J. F., groceries and queensware
Lewis Charles., general merchandise (excepting hardware)
Lukins G. S., Spring Mills (flour)
Markey Francis, marble works
Mason Willard, dry goods, boots and shoes
Matters J. Mrs., boarding-house
Matters John, boot and shoe maker
McElhany J. T. & Bro., dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes
McCleary J. Y., photographer
McLeskey L.L., dentist
Merry James, proprietor Fremont House
Milstead & Shannon, groceries and live stock
Moore I. E. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Moss O. A., dry goods and groceries
Owens W. P., jewelry and music
Price J. H. jr., agricultural implements and wagons
Price T. P., confectionery and resturant
Neosho Lime Co., burners and shippers, wholesale
Randle R, M., carpenter and builder
Roberts Joshua, livery and feed stable
Robeson C. M., groceries and queensware
Robinson Jas., lumber, planning mill
Robeson & Dean, flouring mills
Rice Bros., groceries and queensware
Sevier & Stockton, editors "Neosho Times"
Schurman F., jeweler
Sherwood J. M. abstracts of titles
Shotliff J., wagon manufacturer
Skewes E., job printer and binder
Steward R. B., proprietor Armstrong House
Stewart Jacob, livery and feed stable
Stewart Wm. L., meat-market
Stewart F. D. , barber saloon
Stein W. H., banker, Newton County bank
Troup M. E. Miss, dressmaking
Van Riper & Rogers, foundry and machine shop
Wheeler L. D. Mrs., dressmaking
White  & Co. billiard saloon
Williams A, M. Mrs., millinery
Wilson R. S., physician and surgeon
Wilson B. S., insurance agent
Withrow J. M. Z., harness and saddlery
Woolfender J. R., postmaster

Leitensdorffer, Dr. J.E., physician
Miller, J.H., postmaster
Miller, J.H., druggist, grocer and notary public
Mahanay, J.W., railroad agent
Wolcott G.W. and CO., druggist and grocers.

In the county of Newton, five miles west of Pierce City, and 295 miles from St. Louis, is the situation of Berwick, a flag station on the line of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway.

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